Monday, December 4, 2006

Twilight Zone

I have no clue why I can post photos from work--an option I do not have--yet I am unable to do so at home. Well, I changed the blog to be lefty. I'm just saying, is all. The background color is the closest to Frankenstein as I can get w/o it looking like pea soup. It is dang dagnab it cold here; 60s last week, 15 yesterday. In an hour, I'll be leaving work to wait for a bus on a six-lane highway, the interchange for Interstate 94 and Illinois Route 50, and oh yes, ramps that go every which way to the Tri-State Tollway. I stand under a pole in front of a house that has a green dolphin on its mailbox. I plan on making my wait in the cold enjoyable by either imagining Rod Serling is dictating my life in the background behind the inflatable Santa or pretending to be a serial killer hitchhiker. Of course, I can't drive, so after killing whomever, I'm pretty much SOL as soon as CSI Alsip shows up. I'd be a block away, waiting for a bus in front of the Bass Club neon sign. Ruminations on a cold, cold night, this is all. Oh, by the way, if the time stamp seems odd, it is because I have set the blog entries to the time zone in Ulan Baator, Mongolia. I'm just saying, is all. Off to see Mr. Serling, I remain your frozen chattel, Wayne


Charles Gramlich said...

In the introduction for fiends by torchlight I tried desperately to deflect the very idea that you were a serial killer. And now here you go and brag about it. So much for all my good work! Sigh!

Michael Fountain: Blood for Ink said...

I've actually seen an eye like this once before: a mental patient came into the unit so upset, he'd held his breath until all the capillaries in his eyeballs popped. The iris stayed blue but the whites of his eyes were blood red for two or three weeks. True story.