Saturday, April 10, 2010

Stevens Bldg, Toilet Paper Train

Two things here: the partly-demolished sign for the old Stevens Building, a skinny little wonder, the shops and businesses dwindling in size the higher up you went. The building is still there, just melded into the storefront next to it. Dress Barn or some shit. The other photo IO find funny. There has been advertising like this on the el trains for years now. The Lottery, Jazz Fest. Mind you, thewre might only be one car out of five with an advert. When I got off the train at Fullerton a few weeks back, I saw my favorite color first, then what was being hawked, and I knew I had to take the photo. The Cotton El.


HemlockMan said...

Toilet paper train. Cool.

Steve Malley said...

Cause that's how we roll... :)

Capcom said...

So, you wipe your hiney on the train? Or is it just a reminder to the bums to remember to use paper when they go in the station.