Saturday, April 10, 2010

The "S" Curve

The infamous "S" curve on Lake Shore Drive. I came across this photo purely by accident, a photo site by a guy named Cushman. I had a neighbor who had to drive to work during the winter of 1979, one of our worse ever. I forget the deal, he just had to drive. Well, he spun out, and he wasn't the first car there. An ambulance came up to assist some elderly woman from another car, and that slid out and another car hit the back of the ambulance itself. No one took the curve at a high rate of speed, even in the summer, so there were no life-threatening situations that day. The story was a staple of backyard conversations for years. For those planning a visit, the curve is no longer, well, no longer as extreme.


HemlockMan said...

Damn, dude! That's just freaky! What asswipe engineer managed that travesty? If they'd put an overpass right above it going opposite, you guys would have had a giant swastika!

Capcom said...

Extreme driving! :-o

LOL about an overpass.