Sunday, August 30, 2009

Still Another Place I Shouldn't Be at 1:15 AM

I figure, if I'm gonna take the dirt nap, might as well get a few photos. I'm actually at Roosevelt and...some alley, I don't know the name. I'd seen that building during the day and you know me with my doorways and fire escapes. That first shot came out pretty nice, you can see the el train windows. I caught the next one, the Orange Line, to Midway and then grabbed a cab home for $15.00. Sometimes you gotta do that. Sucks to live south.


HemlockMan said...

Nice photos, considering the circumstances.

I haven't taken a cab in over twenty years. In fact, the last time I was in a cab was the day my wife and I left for our honeymoon trip to the US Virgin Islands.


Charles Gramlich said...

One night you're going to come upon some vampires feeding, or some aliens and you'll end up being like DAvid Janssen in the Intruders, on the run trying to alert the earth while the Aliens hunt you through the alleys and the byeways.