Sunday, August 30, 2009

Do the four legged fox trot again

That was the title of a nice little spam, I just had to save because of it's sheer poetry. But first, the real world. You'll find the crazy little wordage afterwards. Its like performance art.

What a nice photo I took. The Trump Tower. The Hancock Building. Tourist boats. The Wrigley Building. The clock on the Wrigley Building. The time on the clock on the Wrigley Building. I'm better off taking photos in the subway.

I hope you don't schedule an apointment for Vi@gra. It's overpriced.
you know if you need it! More
Have I got the right house?
With a roar of pain
and rage, she reared up and fell backward upon the ape-man.

That means alot
to me.

Don't ride on the sidewalk.
They will not oblige me to bring her home as
my bride.
The prince said she should remain with him always.
The bus fare is
fifty cents.

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Charles Gramlich said...

I once got a series of spam posts that had titles all tied somehow into native american stuff. There was some great poetry there. I've saved 'em. I should post em sometime.