Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chicago's Vietnam War Memorial

I'm not certain of the story, but the memorial is not cared for well. It is supposed to be a fountain (which is covered over), but one can pass by it and several plaques on the way down from Wacker Drive and then further down to the river, near the Wabash Avenue bridge. I took quite a few shots as I'm not sure when I'll be over that way again. The last photo I took from the 34th Floor of 35 East Wacker. Very easy to get around by holding an empty FedEx envelope...

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HemlockMan said...

Clever fellow.

I know a guy who likes to climb high points. If one is accessed by a private road, he dons a white shirt and tie, slacks, and carries a clipboard with some paper attached. If anyone says anything about trespassing, he raises the clipboard, points in the direction he's going, and strides on. So far, it has worked for him.