Monday, December 5, 2011

Three Frames: Twelve


Charles Gramlich said...

Ruts are scars left on the land.

HemlockMan said...

One night my late brother-in-law was driving over to visit me and my wife. He was mildly drunk and couldn't recall where the driveway was located. So, it being dark and rainy, he turned way too early and ended up in the newly-seeded front lawn of a Baptist Church. The ground was soft since--as I said--it was raining. He was in deadly danger of getting stuck. But he was driving his Chevrolet dually and kept gunning the engine until he worked himself free. If not, then he would have been in great danger of getting caught and charged with drunken driving (not the first time). At last (it was at night)he freed his truck from the newly grassed lawn, but left what amounted to hideous vandalism of the church's front lawn. I saw it the next day but did not know who had done it. It was horrible. It looked to have been done intentionally and the ravages were almost total from end to end, side to side. It was some months later when he admitted to me what had happened.

Oh, well. Ed is dead now, so what does it matter?