Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Recently, I gave my battered old Dell to this fellow in Indiana and he did a data retrieval and I put everything on an external hard drive. You might recall an incident several years ago where I had a spasm and moved my Photos folder into someplace unknown, and I've slowly been sifting through the 7,000 photos (!), many of which I do have, but not the exact variation as shown here, such as Greg Loudon's 2000 shots by the el or the 2006 shots for the Fiends by Torchlight cover. The same for my niece Grace and the great Buddy the Mitch. I might put a few more of these posts up, we'll see.


Charles Gramlich said...

Grace and Buddie. Very cute, man.

HemlockMan said...

I hate spasms when screwing around with a computer! I've lost shit. Where does it go? Can anyone find it?

I haven't counted my photos...but considering I tend to take well over 1K every time we go on even a three-day vacation, I will assume I have well over 10K digital photos these days. Mostly stored on the external hard drive.