Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How I Lost My Winter Hat

So for Christmas Eve, we went to a place called The pit in Hickory Hills and I took photos of this stuff on the outside. After we left, I realized I lost my cap. Mind you, I had found it on the el two winters ago and I was used to it. But my dad goes and mentions that he saw the cap fall from my pocket when I took the photos. So I wanted to say Seriously, Dad? Seriously? So tonight I bought a cap from CVS for four bucks.


Charles Gramlich said...

Easy come, easy go, I guess. for the cap

HemlockMan said...

Reminds me of the character from JEREMIAH JOHNSON played by Will Geer. When the Redford character makes his bed with coals and earth and wakes up almost on fire in the night, the Geer character says:

"Yep. Used too many coals. Saw that when you was doin' it."