Saturday, October 16, 2010

Since When?

I never heard about this film until about a week ago.


G. W. Ferguson said...

Also known as Communion and Alice, Sweet Alice. Her first acting role, though it's a small one--she's killed early in the movie.

Had Brooke waited, I'm SURE she would have appeared in the film version of your Holy Terror!

HemlockMan said...

I'm not surprised. I'd never heard of it until just a few seconds ago when I looked at yer blog. She made quite the load of crappy films when she was a child prostitute.

I can't get over the sheer number of works--of all types--with the title "Holy Terror". The results of the fact that a title can't be copyrighted. How many novels have been called SPINDRIFT? I don't like to think about it because I used to have to shelve them in my parents' bookstores. Seems like every few weeks the gothic or romance publishers would print up a new novel by a new author with the title SPINDRIFT.

For a long time I worked on a novel manuscript called BEAUTIFUL BOY. Just as I finished it, there was a non-fiction best seller called BEAUTIFUL BOY. I know that I had every right to try to sell my novel with its original title intact, but there was the best seller familiarity to deal with. Fuck it...our agent is sending it out with the title I intended. And now there's a new horror film coming out (has nothing to do with the best seller from a couple years ago) called--yep--"Beautiful Boy".

Charles Gramlich said...

I only heard about it today. Just now. Apparently it wasn't a big release.