Saturday, August 28, 2010

Been awhile since I posted on 1111, right?

Well, Sid sends me a link to Jon Stewart running that Ferengi-looking guy from Texas, Gohmert, and, well, you can see the C-Span time stamp. I'm posting photos to a shared Chicago account on Flickr, 2 shots a day. Well, damn. Then I went to the Printers Ball with Ileana on July 31st and not only did my photos, as uploaded to Flickr, turn out to be **** in size, but dig the crazy cigarette machine. I know its cheating a bit, but take out all the zeros in the middle. I'd been putting this off, but Ferengi Gohmert tipped the scale.


Charles Gramlich said...

You think this is what KEW had in mind with his story "Sticks."

HemlockMan said...

Someone on Facebook recently posted a "1111" bit. I go through that place so quickly and haphazardly that I can't recall who did it.

Made any Gohmert Pyle jokes?