Monday, June 28, 2010

Revell's Gemini: Gasp, It's Death!

Well there you go. I never knew anyone who ended up with one of these--just as every comic I own from the 60s is not missing a coupon for 1 free ride on the Caterpillar at Palisades Park NJ--but there is one on display in a space museum out near the old Grisson AFB in Indiana. Nice looking thing. Better than getting a BB Gun or a Daisy rifle or a Terror doll.  But face it, if I had one of those as a kid, there'd  be a knock on the door from Death, informing my folks that they'd find my nowhere-near-looking like Sean Connery body out in the gravel field behind the bowling alley.


HemlockMan said...

I vividly recall that goddamned Gemini capsule contest. I was going to enter it until I read the fine fucking print:

The deal was that the thing was to be DONATED TO A MUSEUM IN YOUR NAME! It wasn't really "yours". You didn't get to put it in your back yard and play astronaut in it.

Fuck that.

Greg Tramel said...

where's my jetpack they promised me? or at least that flying boat that the man from glad flew around in