Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Amazing Fog Photos I can't Show You

...because the guy at Walgreens forgot to burn the DVD. We had some serious fog here last night and I was surprised the photos came out as well as they did. (I was up north on Fullerton, coming back home around 10 PM.) I'll get it rectified tomorrow. These two photos are from Wikicommons.


HemlockMan said...

Fog can be creepy as hell. Scariest fog I ever saw was caused by a frontal temperature inversion coming across the ocean as I was driving out to the West Quoddy Head lighthouse in Maine. It was truly frightening. Carole and I stopped the rental car along the causeway leading out to the island to gawk at the seemingly solid wall of pure white speeding toward us across the glass-quiet surface of the sea.

Capcom said...