Sunday, January 17, 2010

Darwyn Cooke's Hunter

OK, here's the dilly-o. Donald Westlake, a fantastic crime writer who passed away in 2008, also wrote a series of books under the name Richard Stark. Each involved a character named Parker. The guy is a bastard with no morals. Darwyn Cooke took it upon himself to make the prose art, and the tone he chooses is pretty much my favorite color and breathes early 1960s. I've posted some pages out of order, the top panel I love the most. The two page spread of 1962 Manhattan is the best I could find. I tried taking a shot with my webcam and it sucked. This booki is just so damned beaiutiful. But to show that I'm intrigued (that is, I'm a pervert) by Cooke's other work, I've posted both Power Girl and Catwoman on the top of a toilet seat. The shot in yellow was stuick in there out of order, and frankly, I'm too tired to cut & paste it correctly. I spent a few hours working on "Only Twice Is She Named Cthulhu" for an upcoming anthology. I'd been circling the airport, and I'm linmed up with the runway now. I have two paragraphs left, and I want a smooth landing. So as it is, I feel wiped out in the sense that the story is not yet done even though in my head it is. And that is why I posted Cooke's work, for the colors and the era that I love so well. There's another Parker book by Cooke coming out in June, and I'm already saving my pennies.


HemlockMan said...

Nice art. I'm not familiar with the PARKER character. It's funny to me how some writers are so prolific that they are forced to create a pseudonym.

Capcom said...

Nice artwork.

OK, now come in for the landing.