Thursday, December 3, 2009

Speak USA

I was conversing with my friend Tiffany, who is attending Cornell and will one day be running NASA, earlier this evening and the subject of this photo came up. I took the photo about a month after 9/11, and I'm assuming the driver--who doesn't even know our OWN language--was referring to Arabs, because Burbank has a huge Polish population, but we border Bridgview, which has its own mosque, and is second in Arab population after Dearborn, Michigan. I always find it interesting where and why these ethnic centers pop up where they do. Well, my musing is over. Back to the photo of the van. The driver is an idiot.


HemlockMan said...

You'd be surprised how many "American" idiots are out there. A few years ago I was walking away from a car dealership where I'd delivered the mail. Most of the employees were Hispanic. As I was heading to my vehicle, an "American" salesman who'd been in the office walked past me. "Damn, I'm sick of these people," he said. "Not a damn one of them speaks American!"

A clerk I used to work with (guy named Curtis) was whining about immigrants. "They should all learn to speak American before they're allowed to live here," he said. But he speaks with a powerful accent himself. What he said sounded more like this: "Thay shooood AWL larn tuh SPAKE 'murrkin if they wawn tuh live hyar."

After pointing out to Curtis that he didn't even know the correct name for his own native language, I told him he needed to learn to speak English before he started whining about the ability of others to do so.

Charles Gramlich said...

Terrorism begats terrorism and idiocy all around