Friday, August 28, 2009

Pancakes to The Bone

This place is over by the bus terminal at 78th & Western. Odd slogan, there. The place I miss used to be at the other side of the terminal, maybe 79th & Claremont. Little Miss Muffet. One crazy looking place. These were taken on my way to Lithuanian Plaza. If it wasn't so hot that day, I had planned to walk down to 75th and see what was left of Woodmar Lanes, but it seemed that I'd only be able to get a photo from the front of the place. Anyways. Here's to pancakes by the bone!


Charles Gramlich said...

They must have some interesting pancakes there. I could have sworn that pancakes came without bones from the pancake farm.

Rich Chwedyk said...

Mmmmm, pancakes!

I remember this place, but I don't remember that painted sign (I like the scale -- are those really small eggs and bacon or one gigantic stack of pancakes?).

I'd switch Western Ave. buses there, if I'm not mistaken, heading down to Evergreen Plaza. I don't think I ever ate there because I didn't want my transfer to time out and I was too poor to eat anywhere but the Wimpy's in the shopping center.

Capcom said...

I think that it's time for the creation of "Wayne's Chicago Of Yesteryear Tours." I sure would like to go on a few! Or seriously Wayne, get one of those coffee table books made up of your photos. But the personal tour would be the best.