Sunday, August 23, 2009

Advertising, Then & Now

Well, I'm as up to date as can be on any photos I wanted to put on the blog instead of Flickr. Tomorrow, I'll run the huge set of old Lithuanian taverns near Holy Cross Hospital. First, a few others. I actually got off the bus at 63rd & California (this was an hour or so after the tavern shots), and backtracked a bit for the car wash sign. You can always tell a neighborhood by the amount of pedestrians out at 11 AM on a Tuesday morning. Back near my house, I took this photo of this poster for, I think, US Cellular, and it came out just about how I wanted. Aside from being beautiful, the girl is in focus (in the original ad), with some type of Ferris wheel behind her. It looks even more faded and (purposefully) tilted, so I call it a success. Plus, another photo of a pretty girl I will never, ever meet. And so it doesn't seem too sexist here, for any women taking a looksee, I'm adding one of the (to me) coolest advertisements for my old nemesis Canadian Club. So now everyone should be happy. Some guy from the 70s, a car wash from the 80s, and a modern day girl and a Ferris wheel.


Charles Gramlich said...

Geeze, I'm getting old. That girl looks like my son's girlfriend.

Rich Chwedyk said...

I'm looking forward to the photos of the bars. In a story I keep working on, though I'm not sure why, I put a spawn of Cthulhu in the lagoon at Marquette Park. There's a City News reporter named after you who's investigating the death of Queen of Peace student found in Stearns Quarry. I'm saving Bubbly Creek for the finale, but I'm still waiting for the bars.

Did you ever go to a place on 63rd and California called Club El Bianco? Get a load of this: I think a Mexican restuarant is in that space now. I never went there, but a friend of mine says her family always went there for "special" occasions. The Web site is an impressive ghost of what once was.

Steve Malley said...

'Damn right your dad drank it.' lol

Good old Dad: drank a lot of Canadian Club whiskey and always got his own way. Until the night Mom stabbed him.