Friday, July 17, 2009 wet bread!

Poor man Supergirl or Superwoman or as he wants that he is called to him. There he is, with the red telephone that found in the sweepings of Gorbachov hoping to that his Supermán cousin calls to him, to do to him one sucked. But nothing.

Supergirl is a personage of cómic, premium of Supermán. It has undergone several evolutions and name changes (Kara, Matrix, Pretty…) from its birth, in 1959. Always blond and handsome, with a pretty figure and the shield that his cousin characterizes, with the “S”. But its uniform has been modified throughout the time, from a more or less long red skirt, that sometimes is blue, to mini short. Its blue bodice also has been changing of size… and decollete. Also it has been possible to see to him with one fit white t-shirt. In this page we offer a random selection of than 150 images commented more of Supergirl, Superwoman or comoquiera that are desired to call it. In any case, a fantastic woman, in all its characterizations. Happen and you see. To wet bread!

Disguised Supergirl of wrist of Supergirl

In this image in exclusive right, we can see how the layer of Supergirl the bad one, the one of black, is of worse quality than the one of Supergirl the good one, whose layer is not transparent as much.

I spent my Friday evening clearing out a bunch of bookmarks off the computer, as opposed to actually going out and doing something. But I am done with that one writing gig, I finished writing "The Two Times I Saw Ava," and figured I could get a lot of little stuff done tonight before I set in on some new fiction tomorrow. I saved this goofy site which was actually found on Google Images last winter, there are pages and pages of entries, but I posted the ones that had some odd yet interesting sentence structure. No worse than my own on some days...


HemlockMan said...

Among the weird things that you have located on the Internet, that has to be just about the weirdest!

Steve Malley said...

Remember when automatic translators were the stuff of science fiction? They always provided a convenient duck-around for human/alien conversations. They were always so easy, so perfect.

Imagine the green alien chick in Star Trek looking up into Kirk's eyes and saying, 'To wet bread'...

HemlockMan said...

True story:

When my dad was a very young boy (talking about 1920 here), his dad ran the local grocery store in a small town on the coast of Georgia. When foreign ships would dock, the store would get sailors from just about anywhere coming in to buy food and such.

Once there was a Japanese cargo ship docked for some time. The locals liked the Japanese sailors. Very polite and well-behaved. They especially liked the captain who, I was told, cut quite a figure.

One day this Japanese captain was in my grandfather's store and he would ask the kids their names. He pointed to my dad:

"What's your name?"

"Mark Smith," my dad told him. The captain nodded his approval.

"And your name?"

"Jack Aiken," came the reply. And so on.

Finally he pointed to one kid.

"And your name?"

"Baby Goodbread, sir."

My dad said it took the handsome Ship's captain about five minutes to stop laughing.

HemlockMan said...

Oh, one more thing about language:

When I was taking German classes some years back, there was a Polish girl in class who could speak seven languages. She had, as they say, a facility for it.

One thing that she told me was this (and recall that she had a talent for learning languages):

"If I hadn't grown up speaking Polish, I could never learn it."

I've always taken her at her word. The mangled Polish to English translation at that website seems to prove it.

Capcom said...