Thursday, June 4, 2009

To Serve And Protect (And Sometimes Beat The Shit Out Of A Defenseless Bartender)

This prick is one of the reasons Jody Weiss is our new Police Chief. The cops think he's an outsider--he's from DC--but, fuck, they brought it on themselves. This isn't my father's CPD. Phil Kline, the last chief, was pretty good about looking the other way when a cop's buddies tried to strong arm witnesses. We're pretty much known for our gang murders, but the amount of assaults that go on by these assholes who think that they are so privileged. The fat fuck is still walking around, sentencing is June 23rd, and I like to think of myself as a decent person with redeeming qualities, but my biggest hope is that Anthony Abbate finds himself getting a nice donkey punch after someone has given him a strawberry shortcake, to use the proper Illinois prison vernacular.


Charles Gramlich said...

The CPD's got nothing on the NOPD. things are a little bit better now than when I moved to NO but the corruption then was so rampant that it was hard to find a clean cop.

HemlockMan said...

See...the thing is that the guy is very lucky that I wasn't there. I would have picked up the butterknife closest to my hand and stabbed his woman-beating ass to death with it. I'd have poked him so full of holes that his blood would have coated the floor of that place from end to end.

(Sorry I didn't see the video before--I thought it was a still photo of our unelected asswipe former chief execs folk.)