Sunday, June 28, 2009

Guitar Man & Hound Dog

This guy usually has a few friends hanging around him, but guitar man sometimes sits with his dog alone, winter and summer. When I took these photos last week, I realized I hadn't seen them since maybe 2006. Of all the "people like me"--as I like to call them--that I've photographed over the years, the only one I'm missing is Tab man. Its a huge kid in shorts, plays a Walkman and sings out loud, but the truly strange thing is that he always has a plastic bag from Jewel/Osco holding two big liter bottles of Tab. Last seen in the vicinty of 55th Street. I'm on the case. (In all seriousness, these guys have been around forever. As Harry Fassl once told me: We are patterns, persisting.)


Charles Gramlich said...

Tab. You know I've only had one in my life.

Capcom said...

Wow, Tab. Memories.

Love those dizzying heights.