Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Parade 2009

It was surreal, I had gone downtown, intending to use a 40% off coupon at Borders. I came above ground in the midst of the Memorial Day Parade, quite literally. To put this in perspective, if you recall the photos of those giant faces hovering over the ABC studios, directly below that is the exit to the subway. I walked out in direct sunshine, made a hard right, and might as well have been in line with the Whitney Young ROTC. It threw me off, then I realized that of course the parade was going on, and I was able to get a decent place to stand and take a few photos. There seems to be some irony in soldiers standing atop a float sponsored by a waste company. I just wish we'd get the fuck out of Iraq because I don't need nightmares again that some person in the photos I took on Saturday might be dead when they are barely twenty years old.


Charles Gramlich said...

I love the bikes.

HemlockMan said...

Yep. Out now.

Of course they'll come home to a gun-mad nation that has a body count every year that's more than any war going on. Last official numbers I've seen (2006), the USA had 31,000 gunshot deaths per year. Any other nation and that would be considered mass murder.

Shit. I'm just a mailman and I've been caught in crossfire three different times. Once I came within a few inches of being shot. The whole country is a war zone.

Capcom said...

Thaks for posting the parade pics, I miss the Memorial Day events in NY, I have no idea what the heck they do down here in Knoxville. :-p

Capcom said...

P.S. When my sister read meters for the elec company, someone pulled a gun on her when she was trying to read one in someone's yard. Weird