Saturday, May 9, 2009

I-294 Monster From Space

This is actually the end of the role from the guy who seizured up at Cloud Gate. I have the photos from the Polkaholics, but didn't upload them yet as I've been writing all night. So I was on 95th Street, they were working on the viaduct beneath the Tri-State Tollway, and I snapped some photos of those crazy power lines. I had been coming from the Social Security office as I have filed for Disability yet again, and took this photo of the odd building next door whose front end was an antique store, so who knows what was in the back. Bodies of customers killed by men dressed as their dead mothers, I guess. But this fat security guard came out asking if I took a photo as I was standing on federal property. I pointed at the other building, he nodded, but he was still a dick.


Sidney said...

It was formerly a car, right?

Charles Gramlich said...

ohhh, took a pic while standing on state territory. oohh, sounds like a terrorist act if I've ever heard one.

What a dick!

HemlockMan said...

Not just a dick, but an asswipe, too.

Do you have an attorney working for you to get you disability? I currently have two close friends on disability. They both had lawyers who got them the benefits. In one case, the guy has a heart problem. My other friend on disability suffers from extreme depression (yeah, we've come along way since General Patton).

They both got their disability pensions not terribly long after getting lawyers to do the paperwork and argue their cases.

This is why we have governments and taxes--it's society's responsibility to help out the folk who need the help. (As you can tell, I'm no LibertAryan.)

G. W. Ferguson said...

Yeah, and THIS is why I'm careful around power lines:

Electric arc"Wow!" indeed!

Capcom said...

Nice vid GW!

Heheh, ever since that John Belushi movie about bad neighbors, those power towers give me the creeps. :o)