Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm Not Just Needed For My Brains

Doing much better today, everyone. I had emailed someone and mentioned that these how the shots felt back in the mid-80s. So maybe it was back to Old School (instead of Government Experiments 101) and my body is just to, ah, old to recall what old school felt like. I am indeed in much better shape than I was in the 80s and 90s, what I'm feeling now is just middle age stuff. Most of you have known me for decades, if only by phone or in print. Charles saw what my contorted body looked like in 1991. Sid saw my arm when it was still shattered, the thing with putting part of my hip into the forearm months in the future. So yea, I'm past that. Back to writing, no more waking hallucinations that last for six to eight hours.

And looking through the classifieds, I found a job that I don't even need a resume for. I wonder if I'll be needed as some kind of deterrent should the crime clown with the comic book knives shows up at the carnival side show...


HemlockMan said...

Has there ever been a superhero called UGLY MAN? I should trademark that, if it's free.

I have several friends who went to the Kubert School (comic book art) in New Jersey. One of them told me about one of the students who went around in class talking about how he could actually become a superhero. He had it all planned out--strength training, running, judo lessons. Then he designed a costume and showed it around. Then he actually made the costume and people got worried. The comic artist who told me about this guy said that the rumor was that the dude actually went "on patrol" a few times. Maybe the guy who wrote KICK-ASS heard about the same guy. Or maybe this is almost commonplace in the world of comic geeks.

Walking hallucinations. Shit. Hope all is well. Getting old sucks ass.

Capcom said...

Hey come on, you are not ugly! Those Jonny Algiers shots are quite distinguished! :-)

Feel better soon.