Friday, January 9, 2009

Stairway To Springfield

I was going to go with Governor's Island, but that's in NY, so I'm riffing on the Stairway to Heaven/Gilligan thing that most everyone knows for decades now. What's funny about this bit is that it looks like the faces have wobbly heads. In fact, George Ryan, our last governor, the guy who gave away free driver's licenses to people as far away as Florida and took everybody off of Death Row, ALWAYS looks like a bobble-head. Worse, when he opens his mouth, its like his lower jaw morphs into this crazy staple remover. And Rob Blagoavich always looks like he has butt plugs up his ass while he does his daily jog on the north side. So I'm posting this because it shows that its not just GW Bush that looks funny like a chimp in all his photo ops.


HemlockMan said...

A photofunny that's actually funny.

I kind of liked Ryan. He had good reasons for taking folk off death row, in my opinion.

A few years ago there were two high profile murder cases in upstate South Carolina. In one of them, a guy murdered his neighbor and videotaped the extended torture and execution of the victim. The tapes were part of the evidence against him.

In the second murder trial, a guy was being hassled by a cop and, since he was armed, shot the cop down in anger.

The first guy got life in prison.

The second guy got death.

The first guy was white.

The second guy was black.

A crime of passion gets you death, if you're black. A crime of sadistic torture and murder gets you leniency if you're white.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

I can't imagine anyone liking that sack of shit. He sold off licenses to illegals from any number of countries so they could drive trucks w/o being able to read how to properly secure their load. The worst result was a family having seven kids burn to death when their van ran over a piece of pipe that fell from a flatbed. Anyone who was against giving away the licenses were fired. I can go on about our Death Row and which people's convictions are wrong, but there are at least three people that should have been jerked to Jesus before the year 2000. My old neighbor Jimmy Doyle was killed six months out of the academy in 1982, he frisked Edgar Hope down but the fucker had two .357s in the armpits of his parka, and Jimmy got doomed by six shots point blank. The bus driver, the bus passengers, they all saw it, Hope had no defense. Yet the appeals court was still keeping this guy alive twenty years later. Given the chance, I'd have beaten him to death with my bare hands.

White people get life, black people get death, I don't think our system will ever change. But I'll be damned if I put Ryan up there as some kind of goddamned saint.

Lana Gramlich said...

Where the hell do you get your images? SOOO funny!

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

The one with Ryan and Rob has been around for a week or so, and I saved the church sign a while back. I guess it fits here, pirates and governors, too bad Rod couldn't have bought the Cubs a shot at the World Series.