Friday, January 30, 2009

John Locke Sees Superdawgs

"I don't care how I'm dressed, i want those Vienna hot dogs in steamed poppy-seed buns, and I want them NOW!"


Charles Gramlich said...

Back away from the bun. Back slowly away.

Rich Chwedyk said...

Many classic car enthusiasts go to Superdawg, especially weekend evenings. A cheap way to see some really cool cars.

You can buy little Florrie and Maurie (the two hot dogs with the neon eyes up on the roof) dolls at the take-out counter (or the car hops will get them for you if you're interested).

Superdawg is on our usual route back from O'Hare. Sometimes we stop there when I'm taking Pam home, especially if she's had a bad flight. It's a neat way of saying, "You're home, now."

Some folks like the hot dogs. Some are more partial to the burgers. Some folks love the pickled green tomatoes that come with every sandwich you order. Others leave 'em where they find 'em. My favorite thing on their menu are the root beer floats/black cows that come with an extra root beer sidecar.

It's a bit of Old Chicago/Old America that's survived, and I'm glad it did.

G. W. Ferguson said...

Gee, I wish we had cool places like that around Richmond. The near-cool places have either vanished (White Tower) or diminished (Bill's Barbecue with curbside service and smiling pigs happy to die for you).

Saw Night of the Hunter again Sat. morning and thought of you--Robert Mitchum REMAINS Da Man!

Anonymous said...

Hey Wayne,

To each his own. I wonder if John Locke would be interested in Culver's butterburgers or if he is singularly focused on encased meats. This will take some research.

-- Rich

Capcom said...

Too funny! LOL

Yes, I wish that there were some cool places like that in Knoxville. I haven't reconned everywhere yet tho, so maybe I'll find some in the dark corners.