Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm Being Followed By A Moonshadow

The subject heading would have read I Am Zardoz, but I didn't think many of you would know of that strangle little Sean Connery film, but then again, how many of you are familiar with Cat (Yusef) Stevens lyrics? I took the train up north to eat pizza and watch some films with Larry and Tycelia at their apartment. Larry showed me a new camera thingie on his wife's Mac and we took a few photos. That's Larry in the center, but almost all of you know that already. I had to cut out around 10 PM because it takes about two hours to get home via train, then bus, but the coolest moment was as I walked down Wilton Street a block to the el. From some apartment, "Riders On The Storm" was playing. I heard it my entire time and let it fade with ...killer on the road as I turned onto noisy Belmont Avenue. Anyways, here's the photos...Wayne


Yvonne Navarro said...

Very cool.

HemlockMan said...

I KNEW I should o' bought a Mac!

Great photos, especially that last one. Neat gimmick.

First time I ever went to NYC I was with a pal who had lived there, briefly. There were four of us in our group, and Roy had us walking the mean streets in the a.m. Thinking back on it...I think the reason no one at all gave us any grief at all was because...well...there were four of us.

Years later, alone, I found myself in NYC and decided to take a long walk through the city in the daytime. Came very close to getting mugged. Shit.

Lana Gramlich said...

Did you mean to refer to Zardoz as a "strangle" little film, really? Quite the Freudian slip there. *L* My ex was a Cat Stevens fan, so I'm familiar with that...unfortunately. Interesting pix. Ironically, we listened to "Riders on the Storm" the other day, driving back from our overheated hike (the sound of rain was helping to cool me, at least psychologically. The A/C in the car helped, too. *L*)

Charles Gramlich said...

Cool pics. "Zardoz" is a favorite of mine. I even have the book.

Steve Malley said...

Sounds like a fun night, even with the idol-head of Diabolu!!

Sidney said...

If I ever lose my hands, lose my plough lose my land maybe I can get them put back with Photoshop.

Great pics.

Anonymous said...

Last two are very cool.
Yours remembers the hullabalu when Cat Stevens changed his name. Theses days he'd have be whisked off to Git'mo.
Also have seen Zardoz. Twice. But then that says more about me than the film.


Capcom said...

Nice pics!

I just found Zardoz at the used bookstore, thanks for reminding me to watch it!