Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Howling At The Moon

Back to the rain today. Pictured is one of the intersections from where I usually stand (or sit) after getting dropped off by different people at work. Yesterday, I looked above me and saw the faintest of moons, much like in the first photo. Contrails passed in front of it and gulls cawed nearby. Fuck it, I hit the back space button. No one cares how crappy my day at work was, this isn't one of those got-damn whiny blogs. Regardless, I did leave work two hours late, catching the very beginning of the storm (the other photos go back maybe two weeks), but I was in no real mood to go into the Walgreen's to pick up one of my prescriptions, because even if I did by chance not scare Jessica off with my banter last Friday, I really had nothing to say, which shows how ridiculous my mind works. Yesterday I was more poetic as I sat by the bus stop, and I thought about NOT thinking about being near the same dead end street where Walking Mike had been thrown into the weeds after a hit and run, or that a prostitute was found strangled behind the hotel. I can't think about a hell of a lot in the world to feel good about lately, between tornadoes and earthquakes in China and the typhoon in Myanmar that killed all the wrong people, not the assholes who run the damn country. Gas prices, food prices, my hourly wage as I near my role as Half-Century Man. I looked away from all that, up at the contrails, trying to spot the first faint star, thinking that I'd simply be happy to have someone sitting next to me, staring up at the same moon I am. That's all....Wayne


HemlockMan said...

Your blogs make me think of the strangest things. In this case, Henry Louis Wallace, a serial killer here in Charlotte. He killed I-don't-know-how-many women before the cops caught him. Most of them were women with whom he worked in his menial fast-food joint jobs. He should have been caught straight away before he logged enough kills to earn the term "serial". I used to hang out with a couple of cops in those days. I asked one of them, "Chris. Why didn't you guys tie this bastard to any of those killings sooner?"

"Because all he was killing were black women. We just figured they were being killed off by their boyfriends."

Racism chugs along.

Some time later, he assaulted a female police officer in the county jail. The cops wanted revenge, but the bosses said, "No. Too many cameras on this guy." So, a few weeks later, during an arraignment hearing, it just so happened that the brother of one of his victims was also present. It just so happened that he had somehow been left unshackled. Wallace was shackled hands and feet. The brother attacked him full on.

Wallace, chained though he was, kicked the guy's ass. They had to gang-tackle Wallace to keep him from killing the guy.

Some crazy serial killers are bad asses, it seems.

Charles Gramlich said...

Sometimes I guess that is the universal wish.

Sidney said...

I always loved the photo below. I tagged you for the Six Unremarkable Things meme. Instructions on how to play are on my blog.

Capcom said...

Nice rainy day images...if a rainy day can be nice. Rainy days in Poughkeepsie NY are not much better, or safer. :-p

Contrails and the moon usually helps me out on low days. I see the contrails and think about being up there that high, and why don't I ever take flying lessons? Oh yeah, it's too expensinve. And the moon makes me wish that I could be up there too. No people, no air, no worries. I love the final scene on the moon in the movie "Space Cowboys".

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling +6.
Like the old song sez, "This ain't no party, this ain't no disco, this ain't no foolin' around!"

Yeah, Burma, China. It is to weep eh?
Where's old George "W"aterboard Bush's bluster and talk of sanctions when the Burmese government stands in the way of helping out those people who's only mistake was living in the wrong place? Or the rest of the fucking world for that matter. "Oh, it's a matter of national sovereignty." Hey, you know if I was sitting next to a river with corpses floating in it and it was "What? Rat and shoe leather for dinner again?" you think I'd give a shit if a plane landed and the guys who got off were wearing UN helmets and handing out rice, protein bars and fresh water I'd give a shit. "Oh, you had to replace our regime on the way in? Tuff for them. Hey can I get some of that soy sauce?".

Oh and the recession, note little "r" not Recession.
Another crap crock. Filled up your gas tank lately? Been to the grocery store?
If the US fessed up to how many people have not just filed for unemployment but have just quit looking for work they'd shit themselves blind. Well maybe this election they won't be able to buy the election with the money we gave them in taxes in the first place, or it'll be a landslide for one or the other.

Buck up old son. We gotta see this out till our expiration date.

And you can quote me on that.

Yer pal,
Ted Du Vou