Monday, May 26, 2008

Curse Of The Four Sticks, Redux

I've posted the shot of my royalty check before. I had scanned the time card from my old job a few months back, waiting for the eventual Four Sticks Curse to rear up again. At this point, though, not being at that particular job, I thought it might be a cool idea to include a bottle of 11-11 Malt Liquor. Yin and yang, good karma and bad. The reason I finally found a reason to post on the curse, the origin of which can be found by clicking my previous links below, is because, yes, the numbers have shown up again. This isn't a Hurley on LOST/numbers station listening post kinda thing going. In short, once someone is told about the Four Sticks, they will appear in your life when least expected. For no reason. Case in point, the following excerpt from an article I was using for research:

Grand jury lifting veil on unsolved mob hits
By Rick Jervis and Liam Ford, Tribune staff reporters. Tribune staff reporters Ray Gibson and Art Barnum contributed to this report

January 23, 2005

Joseph "the Clown" Lombardo was at a workbench in his small Near West Side shop, where masonry saws and tools are sharpened, when 10 federal agents swarmed in.

One agent waved a grand jury warrant, another carried a cotton swab. The agents dabbed the inside of Lombardo's mouth with the swab--gathering DNA--and were gone in less than two minutes.

Lombardo, a longtime Chicago Outfit leader who publicly swore off his mob ties after being released from prison in 1992, is one of more than a dozen mob bosses and associates who are subjects of a new federal probe into long-dormant mob murders, some dating as far back as three decades.

A federal grand jury is investigating at least 16 unsolved killings, making it one of the biggest law-enforcement strikes against organized crime in Chicago history. Sources close to the investigation--dubbed Operation Family Secrets--and attorneys for some of the alleged mob members say they expect the grand jury to hand up indictments as early as next month.

Convictions on this scale would be unprecedented. The Chicago Crime Commission counts 1,111 Chicago-area gangland slayings since 1919, but only 14 have ended in murder convictions and three cases were cleared when the suspected killers were murdered before being arrested, according to the commission.

Why not just say over a thousand? Why not round it off to Eleven hundred? ts because complete strangers are trying to drive me mad in the past, present, and very likely in the future, coming up with ways for the damnable sequence of ones to show up again and again...Wayne


HemlockMan said...

I see a Jim Carrey movie in your future.

Charles Gramlich said...

I'm going to have to post someday about my own experiences with the four sticks. However, I want to get some of that malt liquor.

Anonymous said...

Love & kisses from
1111 South Scoville

Anonymous said...

because 1111 is just one of those numbers that intrigues and disturbs, Armistice day has such a number in it,

even more sinister since it was the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month- 6 1's equaling six one third of the number of the beast- a third of the way to the Armageddon if you believe that god stuff

Sidney said...

I encounter 11:11 so often since you brought it up all those years ago, was 11 years and 11 days ago?, that it's a little frightening.

HemlockMan said...

Other than encountering that time twice a day, every day, I have never noticed the "sticks" before this.

Steve Malley said...

I guess I'd better not tell you what time it was in NZ when I first read this...

Anonymous said...

Hey Wayne, I had something happened to me when I was a messenger downtown. i was heading to 111 W Madsion with some blueprints, I stopped at a lottery stand, and headed back to Acme Copy which was at 218 S. Wabash ave. Well as I got back, the dispatcher says to me, forget something, I am lke I dont think so. So he said I left the bluprints at the lottery stand, hence I had to go back and pick them up and deliver them! I apparently forgot about continuing to deliever the packages, and went back to the place I worked. Twilight zone I associate the number 111 with. However, I also heard to make a wish when you see 1111 on the clock!


Capcom said...

11-11 is an ongoing topic that surfaces now and again on the Coast to Coast AM radio show (was Art Bell). People see it on their phones and answering machines, clocks, etc. I can't remember if the callers and the hosts have put any meanings to it, I'll have to check.