Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bobby The Mitch

I have another blog on which I post photos of the big guy, Robert Mitchum. Just something to do. He was in BLOOD ON THE MOON, considered to be the first crime noir western. If I could type faster, I would suggest to my agent that I might rite a series of Bobby the Mitch mysteries; Mitch often chose the films he starred in for their locations to fishing spots. He drank and filming ended early. My take is that Mitch took the rolls in the areas where a murder had occurred, the fake drinking makes for him to work nights solving the crimes. Some guy did a series of Elvis mysteries--one was BLUE SUEDE CLUES--I think I have a much better take on things. But, see, I can't type fast. The body is falling apart, I cannot use the voice Activation because of tremors in my mouth. I am angry as all hell at myself tonight, folks. I haven't asked Jessica at the Walgreen's pharmacy out yet because I'm still in carnival freak mode. I hurt all the time, it never stops. I lie to people when I say I am fine. The bipolar meds are fine, the one day of the month I feel suicidal was Monday, so I'm cool. I just rode those waves. ..... My father is Robert Mitchum, he heard that from our doctor's wife decades ago, fellow cops told him, it was either Mitch or James Rockford. How the hell did he end up with a son who looks like fucking Frankenstein? I added a shot of me waiting for the bus at 147th Street, ha ha ha. I'll ask Jessica tomorrow, it needs to be done, better or worse. But I am totally pissed off at myself in a way that is difficult to put into words. Believe it or not, I'm quite happy with my life today. So what the hell am I burdening you guys for? Go check out Bobby The Mitch. He's the one with no problems at all...Wayne


Anonymous said...


Hearing another person's pain is not a burden, its what makes us a more intelligent and compassionate animal. Vent away. You give us all smiles from time to time, a little bit of tears is not so big a trade off. Now stop stalling and ask the girl out, she'll say yes or no but either way you'll get an answer. Then you can move forward and stop wondering.

Sorry to hear about the pain though, I know i have no idea what you have been through, but when I am in pain, I want to kill, myself or someone else. You aren't Frankenstein Wayne, but even if you are, the monster only wanted to be loved and accepted. That's not too much to ask. I guess the trick is to be patient until it comes.


Anonymous said...

hey, have you tried typing while holding a pencil to strike the keys? i have a friend with severe arthritis who types that way. its the only way he can manage it. he's up to almost 30 words a minute now. it doesn't seem like much but to him its the world. Yay for good days, and good for you. if anyone deserves a little sunshine its you. now go get the girl.


Charles Gramlich said...

I hate to disillusion you my friend, but your dad, Robert Mitchum, was not that great looking. I think you got his nose, and I imagine you keep it in a bottle in a drawer underneath all the "souveniers" from your serial killing days.

HemlockMan said...

As I've said before, if your dad were a young man today, they'd say he looks like Aaron Eckhart.

And you look like Michael Berryman!

And I look like Ben Grimm! (Post-cosmic rays.)

Anonymous said...

A series of Robert Mitchum mysteries, eh? Cool idea.

Of course, we'd have to sell it to Ginjer, as I think she's the only editor left in the mystery field who might remember who Robert Mitchum was.


Anonymous said...

if you can find a way to make others laugh through that pain I'm glad i got to know you. You are a remarkable guy, any girl who gets you is going to be a lucky woman. the music? you mean the cannon in D is not normally playing in people's heads? How can this be? i was told by the doctors it was normal, of course they also told me desiring hairy older men was ok too.... keep smiling it helps us all.


Anonymous said...

missing you.