Friday, March 7, 2008

87th Street Breakdown

Here is a time lapse of the destruction of the widow Debo's house. For the better part of six months, while I was working 4-midnight at the plant, staying up until 3 writing or watching some Bobby the Mitch film, the workers would start exactly at 7 each morning. The top is a photo of my house circa 2000, still the same size. Well, that's it for now, its back around 6 degrees, my leg wound is throbbing, and I have be up at 5AM to do a mock jury focus group at 8:30 in River North....Wayne


Charles Gramlich said...

Great pictures.

Charles Gramlich said...

Great pictures.

Steve Malley said...

Perfect title in there somewhere:

The Widow Debo and the Bobak Sausage Money

Lord, what kind of story would *that* be?!

HemlockMan said...

Just think! If you'd 've married the widder woman, you could've inherited her property and made a mint!

What the HAIL is a "mock jury focus group"? (DAWK!)