Friday, December 14, 2007

In The Year 2525

If I had to pinpoint just one thing that totally blew my mind, it was that Jager & Evans song. I have posted my notebook from UIC, oddly the drawing of my English professor, James Stronks is missing a leg. I have no clue why this crappy drawing was never finished. But this book held the first fiction and poetry I ever wrote. Almost thirty years later, that much closer to becoming Half Century Man, I am writing in a FlyFusion notebook, then plugging the pen into my computer with a USB cable. The idea is for the words to turn to text. But then again, I'm an idiot, I never activated the notebook. It makes sounds like you heard on the original STAR TREK. In the year 9510, if Wayne's typing his memoirs he oughtta make it by then, but blah blah something something else blah blah....maybe it's only...yesterDAYYYYY (dah dah DAH dah) the year 1981...


HemlockMan said...

I go hiking and camping and backpacking. A lot. During those times, I always have a notebook with me and I write. I'm not terribly productive concerning fiction when I'm out in the woods, so I considered buying one of those AlphaSmart machines. Basically little portable wordprocessors. But my wife insists that I buy a laptop. We're still going round and round, as we always do before I purchase this kind of electronic crap.

Sidney said...

That's past the time "everything you think, do and say, is in the pill you took today," so the notebook probably won't be necessary.

d said...

my addiction is for fat (200-sheet) 6"x9" spirals. at
any given time, i have more blank ones on my bookshelf
than i can effectively use/fill up in at least a


d said...

i've seen that flyfusion pen! i was even tempted to
get one myself, geek that i am. what turned me off to
it was that you have to use "flypaper," which has
special embedded grid for the pen to triangulate off
of. and i've got too damn much blank paper in my house