Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanks For The Viking

I'm thankful for Karl Edward Wagner, who put me in the midst of this pavane with madness that is the eternal life of a writer. If it wasn't for Karl, who I never truly expected to outlive, I'd never have been able to keep my career going and create images like this. He could find gallows humor in anything from a convention banquet meal to either of our various afflictions he and I will never be rid of, even after death.


Charles Gramlich said...

Karl was a talented guy, and a recognizer of talent. I miss his horror stories and his tales of Kane. I've read everything he wrote, and wish there was more.

James Robert Smith said...

I often drink a beer to in the memory of Wagner/Kane!

Consider yourself one of his creations! An honor!

Yeah, when he was younger and like a crazy Viking, it seemed he was invincible. Alas!

RK Sterling said...

Ok, that last picture is just scary.