Sunday, October 21, 2007

Days Gone By

My blog is like my fiction writing, I'm all over it on a daily basis for almost a week, and then radio silence The work schedule, blessedly over, is behind me, but I was caught in the mother of all rainstorms waiting in that dude with the dolphin mailbox's driveway fully expecting to be hit by lightning and with my pants slipping on my hips from the sheer weight of the water. Everybody was asking about Walking Jim, even Kate, which shows that, initially, the crime didn't even warrant the north suburban news. The police thought it was an SUV from the sheer power of the impact, but the truth was, it was a regular old Ford, but the reason the cops didn't think of a smaller car was because the asshat that killed the guy drove away with his body in the damn car. Vollmer Road is one of those diagonal cuts we have in our mostly gridlike sprawl in the city an near south suburbs, like Lincoln Avenue out by the Red Lion or Archer Avenue from downtown to out near where I live. One can assume the driver--who was driving his sister's boyfriend's car to pick her up from her job at a McDonalds--kept going down Vollmer until he recognized exactly how deserted 123rd Street can be, because there are three cemeteries pixelated between the industrial parks. Hence, the place where Walking Jim became, at least for awhile, a Hallowe'en prank. How did the driver, the sister, and the boyfriend get caught? After Jim was left to be found and matched to his leg and feet, Blue Island police got the call of a burning vehicle. The boyfriend torched his car and--in a case where blood simple becomes blood stupid--never took the license plates off. If you go to any Urban Legends site, there will always be one classified True, wether it be a hanged person or a body on the road. Dismissed, at first, as a prank, a spirit of the season. These three will not be gone from the streets for long, back in Oct 0f 97, a drunk driver severed a car in two and killed three high school girls, is now out of prison with his license permanently revoked. Having broken parole by being discovered driving, he has been sentenced back to jail for a year, although he is allowed out during the week to go to his job. In other driving news, a depressed model/stripper is on trial with pretty much everybody saying she is/was insane, because back in July of 05 she wanted to commit suicide an so drove through three stop lights in Skokie and rear-ended a car while going 90 MPH. Both cars flipped over, the three guys on their lunch break in the one car dead, and the depressed model with a broken ankle in the other. Crazy week for hit and run news and I'm just waiting for the time when, as might have happened with all the idiots driving in rush hour rainy Thursday, the next news item might catch up with me...Wayne


etain_lavena said...

ghee me hit and runs are horrible....gosh....miss you maaikie, and keep dry and safe:)

HemlockMan said...

I have some stories of retribution that you would enjoy should we ever be able to meet and talk (off the record). Society looks down on justice dispensed without official sanction.

My wife's grandparents were murdered by a drunk driver who hit the car driven by her older brother head-on. Somehow, her brother escaped with only a broken ankle, but his grandparents, whom he was driving, were killed instantly. The drunk driver who was speeding hideously and driving in the wrong lane, was not injured at all. Not at all. He was given a suspended sentence and allowed to go along and live his life. He was not killed or maimed by vengeful folk, unfortunately. Fortunately for him, he did not kill anyone in my family. Some people have been known to circumvent the norms to mete out revenge.

The dumbass and the license plates is typical of this mindset. Not only are these sub-normals allowed to vote, they are allowed to drive, and they--most unfortunately--are allowed to reproduce.

I will assume that Walking Jim will have only Society to speak for him, which is to not speak at all, hence his station that resulted in his death.

Charles Gramlich said...

One side of my brain is saying thank goodness the guy who hit Jim was stupid. The other side is abruptly depressed over the stripper trying to committ suicide and ending up killing three innocents. Shit man.