Saturday, September 8, 2007

Through The Multiverse

How was I to know that if I mixed latex frokm Izzy Rizzi's Trick Shop and paint primer that the removal of my Boston Brand outfit would cause my eyebrows and part of my cheek to peel off? It took two years for my eyebrows to grow back, and, guys, its amazing how hot and blinding the sun is, so don't ever think of shaving them. Even if Stewart uses that as a cult hazing. The following year I just dressed as a cop and tried to arrest Supergirl. That same Hallowe'en, vibrating one second from our existence on Earth-14, Sternberg himself wore my Deadman costume (cobbled from an old Daredevil costume, I am so resourceful)and swiped Jack Skellington's wallet. That's how he could afford starting the Earth-14 cult. The bottom photo is not a costume at all, its me as The Phantom Bee of Burbank. Keeping the souh suburbs Sternberg-free regardless of where in the multiverse we are....(by the way, I have been making references to Earth-14 since before I knew Stewart. His influence humbles us all, even Marlboro Spartacus, my name on Earth-23.) Wayne


etain_lavena said... kewl...
Please go vote for me, I entered a writing thingie...its on my brain blog..

HemlockMan said...

I hated CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS from the beginning. I wanted to kick the shit out of Wolfman and Perez in the worst way. I read the first couple of issues, then ground my teeth selling the remainder of the run each month, actually happy to see sales steadily declining toward the final issue (I was a retailer back in them days).

Long live the Legion of Super Heroes! Those silly tales amuse me even today.

One of the Superman stories that dumbfounded me even as a kid was when the all-powerful version of Kal-El did a handstand and actually moved the Earth out of the way of some passing danger (I forget what it was...either a projectile or a ray or something of that nature). How does anyone fight a guy who can PUSH THE EARTH!!?? (And those stories where he'd be in two places at once using super-speed! Alas!)

No wonder Lex Luthor hated his guts.

Lana said...

Love the costumes...Sorry about the chemical reaction! Yikes!

Charles Gramlich said...

Be careful with Supergirl. She could break you in half.

HemlockMan said...

PS: Introduce me to Kara.