Friday, July 20, 2007

Flashback Weekend Flashforward

Tomorrow I'll be attending Flashback Weekend 2007. Last year, I finally met Michael Berryman and told him how I had been visiting a friend years ago and his brother had been hosting a Hallowe'en party. One guy heading to the john passed me--I had just been wearing jeans and a black shirt, mind you--and he stops, points at me in awe, and tells everyone within earshot that I was "The Hills Have Eyes Dude." Mr. Berryman had as much a laugh from that as from my blatantly whoring myself, asking if he needed a Mini-Mike for convention appearances. We then posed for the infamous facial pose everyone knows from the DVD cover...Wayne


HemlockMan said...

I met Berryman once...some years ago at the Comic Con in San Diego. Very nice guy.

Those photos of you and Mr. Hills Have Eyes Dude continue to amuse me greatly.

(You never answered my questions about Knipfel.)

Charles Gramlich said...


Sidney said...

Ah to be in the Windy City when Flashback weekend is in town. Hope you had a blast.