Saturday, February 2, 2008

Groundhog Day, 1946

My parents, James Leland Sallee and Dolores Josephine Mamach, first dated on this day 62 years ago. The above photo was taken in the circus town of Streator in September of 1975, right befor my Uncle Bill Pond's funeral. They went to the old Baltimore Theater (I could not find a photo) and a few days later, they went to a corner on Wolcott Street (which runs north south almost the entire length of Chicago, the three flats slowly disappearing thanks to the regentrified trendy robots in Wicker Park and points north)and watched a scene from CALL NORTHSIDE 777. Its always strange to see the film, thinking my folks', my mom a mere 14 year old, watching the scene unfold, a man in cuffs hauled out of a second floor apartment, cameras rolling....Wayne