Saturday, December 1, 2007

Bad Boys Bad Boys What You Gonna Do?

We had our first snow today and it turned to slush and now ice, the good old Lake Michigan effect. Worse weather for planes than flying in a thunderstorm. Maybe. That's my daddy at the top, James Leland Sallee, put in 31 years on the job, you see him in my stories as Officer Leland. He worked many years out of the 8th District (several writers seem to think that Chicago has precincts, but I'm not naming names) and there was a bar across the street named Don's Last Minute. I wrote a story based on that bar, I wish I had the photo as its now gone (as is Panama Sid's, email the elusive Sid Williams to see if he has the photo). The other shot is of one of my favorite buildings in Chicago, the Maxwell Street Station that was used as the backdrop on HILL STREET BLUES. The best use of the building is described in my story "Shank Of The Night." It borders the University of Illinois, the place I evolved from. The Chicago Police Memorial is lit up, highlighting the number of police badges going back to 1858 of those slain on duty. And I've got nothing against the 343 FDNY that died on 9/11, but 108 cops were killed on that morning, as well. To Serve And Protect is the motto of the CPD. My father did his best, and the Midway plane crash reminds me of that every day. Now that it is full winter, the foot with the frostbite is grey. Mementos of grim times...Wayne